Personal Note To My Pastor Friends

Taking a break from the norm here on our website, I felt like someone needed to hear the words, “Good Job!” In the hustle and bustle of ministry, it is always good to hear something like that. I wanted to take a moment and share those encouraging words with my friends who are very busy serving the Lord!

Return The Favor

I am sure that at least one person was encouraged by reading the introduction to this post. In view of this, why not return the favor and call a friend in the ministry to encourage him. I have found that some people never hear this! At times, it is because they seem like nothing bothers them. Thus, people feel as though they are okay. Maybe you know of someone like that? If so, CALL THEM NOW!!! Those people really need to be encouraged!

A Personal Illustration

Please allow me to share a personal illustration. In my first pastorate, many years ago, I was facing a tremendous issue with the church. I had no prior experience pastoring, and this church really needed someone with more than I had. At any rate, I was perpetually under the gun and facing discouragement.

God knew all about this and I am so glad He did! It seemed that when I could not face another day or take another step forward, a local preacher, knowing what I was up against, always seemed to call me when I needed a friend. This pastor will never comprehend the full extent of his kind words this side of Heaven!

Seek To Be An Encourager

It suffices to say that we, who are pastors, should remember each other. We know what the ministry can put in our pathway, and we know that every pastor doesn’t have the same experience and temperament. Imagine what could happen if ALL spiritual leaders would encourage one another? Seek to be an ENCOURAGER!

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A Tribute To My Pastor

I want to pass along a few words about my pastor, Dr. Bobby Roberson, on this Pastor Appreciation Day! I hardly know where to begin…

As long as I can remember going to church, there has been “Brother Bobby“, as we call him. Growing up in the community around Gospel Light Baptist Church of Walkertown, North Carolina, I have seen the effectiveness of his ministry. Not many people ask, “Who is Brother Bobby?” around Walkertown! For over 54 years, Gospel Light has had the privilege of having this dear soldier of the cross as their pastor.

Though there are many things I would like to say, I will only mention a few. Three words come to mind as I think of my pastor:

#1 – Humble

Few people can handle the accolades of their peers while not letting it go to their heads! Without one reservation, Brother Bobby is one of the few. He is always giving credit to Jesus for everything good and taking credit for what goes wrong.

#2 – Gracious

Through the years, Brother Bobby has faced many trials in the ministry. He readily admits mistakes and falters he has made and allows other to to the same. When those around him or members of the congregation make mistakes, he is longsuffering and very gracious when he needs to be. He is always ready to listen to what you have to say.

#3 – Unchanging

Brother Bobby has not changed, one iota, on doctrine! He does not stick his finger to the wind to figure out what to preach. He faithfully preaches what God tells him to preach. I have never known my pastor to preach anything contrary to the Scriptures!


Though I have not been what I ought to have been through the years, I have the greatest pastor on earth. Many a day have I sat down and contemplated the privilege to grow up under a ministry like Gospel Light. Praise God for a pastor like Brother Bobby!

A Few Notable Links You Need To Check Out!

Facebook Fan Page – Leave him a kind note on his fan page!

Reflections From Great Men Of God – Includes “Walking With Giants” video with Brother Bobby.

Church Website

Christian School

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One Reason Why Pastors Preach!

There are numerous ways God encourages his pastors to keep on preaching. One of the things that God has used in my life is the knowledge of the fact that one day I will see God’s children in Heaven. I have stood by the graveside of many people who were saved by God’s grace. Though I miss them, I know that one day we WILL meet again. The following music video depicts this truth in a very encouraging way!

Preacher… keep on preaching! The gospel is the only hope for sinners! One day it will be over and we will meet in HEAVEN!


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