The Uniqueness Of A Pastor

While many are called by the title of pastor, each one is different and unique. I often describe this issue by comparing it with the far extensive range of fingerprints. Just as individual fingerprints are different and unique so are pastors. Though many pastors may operate in the same manner, preach in the same style, and believe the same thing they are, in fact, different.

Illustration From Nature

When you consider the animal world you learn a lot about uniqueness. The markings on humpback whales are very unique. Researchers have been following them for years and have cataloged many individual whales… even naming them. They can do this because they have identified these whales by their uniqueness.

Closer to home you can see how God provides a habitat for uniqueness. Growing up in a rural community in North Carolina, I am very well acquainted with squirrels. I have noticed that there is a tree for every squirrel. If this is so, then there is a place for every unique preacher.

Illustration From Scripture

Even to the casual observer, you can see that the preachers of the New Testament were very unique. The Apostle Paul was a well educated man and Peter was only a fisherman. Peter was not dumb or stupid. Far from it! He was very intelligent in his trade.

Peter, a fisherman, and Paul, a tent maker, each had their strengths and weaknesses. What’s more, there was room enough for both of them! So many times we stereotype preachers by what region of the country they are from, or by where they went to school. We must remember that when God calls a man, He also equips him for a specific and unique purpose.

Illustration From Current Events

There are several examples of the uniqueness of pastors in modern times. I personally know two well known pastors, a father and son, who are opposites. In fact, they could not be more opposite, in my opinion, than black and white. They worked together for over two decades in spite of their differences. Even in a single Christian home, the uniqueness of pastors can be seen.

We have all been in special meetings where there were multiple scheduled preachers. While viewing the roster of pastors, it is quite amusing, sometimes, to see how they are lined up. One guy’s style is more monotone, while the next speaker might be flamboyant. More than one time I have seen God use this kind of uniqueness to bring revival in the hearts of His dear children.


If I have learned anything in the last several years of ministry, then it is this… we should celebrate our uniqueness rather than degrade and belittle it. Just because a pastor does things a little differently does not necessarily mean that he is wrong and I am right.

It was reported one day that some men were of a different company casting out demons. The disciples wanted to rebuke them and Jesus said to leave them alone (Luke 9:49-50Luke 9:49-50
English: King James Version (1611) - KJV

49 And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us. 50 And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.  

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). Maybe we should be a little more concerned about our own unique lives than that of our fellow pastors? At any rate, every pastor is unique and this should be viewed as an asset rather than a liability.

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