Pastors And PATIENCE!

Tweet In my 38 years of living on planet Earth, I have learned that patience is a key to living a peaceful life. Frustration, anger, animosity, gossip, evil communication, malice, and outright hatred are just a few of the countless … Read More

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Jealous Pastors

Tweet Image by Samit Roy via Flickr Sad to say, many of God’s men are guilty of the sin of jealousy. Jealous pastors cause many problems, not only for themselves, but for their congregations. What are the common causes? What … Read More

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Criticism – A Gift From God | Coping With Criticism – A Pastor’s Nightmare

Tweet Criticism is not something that we naturally enjoy. No matter who is sharing their thoughts with us, we all tense up and hope that what is said won’t be too scathing. How soon we forget that all criticism is … Read More

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