Assumptions On Our Part | Coping With Criticism – A Pastor’s Nightmare

Tweet The age old adage, “Never assume anything!” should ALWAYS be applied when criticized. When any two people meet and converse, there is the likelihood that conflict can erupt. Some of the tension that occurs while criticism is taking place … Read More

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Would You Like To Encourage Your Pastor?

Tweet Everybody can encourage their pastor today! It does not take a lot of time and effort on your part. What might seem small to you could be that very word or deed that means everything to him! This is … Read More

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Problem Solving For Pastors

Tweet If you are the pastor of a local assembly, then you ARE going to have problems. Problems occur because churches are made up up people, and people are sinners. Sinners are a sordid bunch sometimes, and they can be … Read More

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