Do Unconverted Pastors Have Any Authority To Preach The Bible?

Tweet If a man got up before a room full of people and authoritatively disseminated information on the subject of brain surgery without having actually been a brain surgeon, then a vast majority would relegate this man to a non-essential … Read More

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Pastors, Do You Need Help With A Ministry Website

Tweet I do not need anything else on my plate, but I feel impressed to share something with my readers! In the last several months, I have had numerous people ask about my various websites. The questions go something like … Read More

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4 Necessary Ingredients To Exceptional Pastoral Leadership

Tweet Have you ever saw an appealing billboard advertisement that caused your mouth to water for that delicious T-BONE STEAK? I am sure you have. What if you went to the restaurant which advertised that steak and found the business … Read More

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