5 Ways To Encourage Your Pastor

My Pastor, Dr. Bobby Roberson

If a pastor is worth anything, then he is worthy of encouragement from those whom he is shepherding. Outside of Jesus Christ, to whom does a pastor go? At times he cannot go to his close pastor friend in the next town, and prudence demands that he shelter his family. The congregation must do its part for the one who is giving his all for them. It behooves us to not only see the importance of encouraging the man of God, but to understand that it is paramount to the quality of his ministry.

(1 Timothy 5:171 Timothy 5:17
English: King James Version (1611) - KJV

17 Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.  

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) “Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.”  (KJV)

#1 – Tell Your Hard Working Pastor That You Love Him!

You would be surprised at the looks one gets when facing a congregation from behind the pulpit. At times it can be rather intimidating. Satan loves to try and focus the pastor’s attention on some sour looking face in the congregation while he is pouring his heart out!

If it is not a sour look, then it is the late nights at the hospital or the continual heaviness in laboring prayer over people who do not really care if the pastor preaches another message. Pastors get discouraged! Help to remedy this by simply making it abundantly clear to the pastor that you love him. Say it with words, a card, or a letter.

#2 – Give Your Hard Working Pastor A Thoughtful And Practical Gift To Encourage Him!

Sometimes a gift can say for you what words cannot. Pastors will, if you listen carefully, spill the beans about something they need. It can be a great shot in the arm to a pastor who receives what he needs from someone who had to be paying attention to him to know what he needed! This means a lot when it seems nobody cares!

#3 – Tell The World You Love Your Hard Working Pastor!

It might be possible for you to create a fan page for your pastor on Facebook, or you could publish an article in your local newspaper. There are many things in between, but one can usually find a way where there is a will.

This suggestion can have a two fold impact. First, on the pastor, and secondly on the community. Pastor, because it will let him know that you are really behind him. After all, who would publish a letter in the paper if they were not sincere about their love and respect for their pastor. Community, because people will see that you love your man of God and the Holy Spirit can use this to draw people to church.

#4 – Encourage Your Hard Working Pastor By Being Faithful And Involved!

Nothing says more to a pastor than the actions of those who follow him. When you are not in church, unless providentially hindered, you are, in essence, voting to close the church doors! When a pastor expresses a need for laborers, etc., if you can help, then, by all means, HELP! Back up your words by your actions. This will go a long way to encouraging the pastor.

#5 -Encourage Your Hard Working Pastor By Giving A Monetary Gift!

Now before you spout your opinion, give careful attention to this suggestion. Everybody likes to get money from time to time and we all could use a little extra as well. The right kind of pastor would serve the congregation for free if he could, so make a special effort to leave some “handfuls on purpose” in his hand. The impact you make on his life at that moment can mean the world to him. Try it sometime!

Coming soon… 5 Ways To Encourage The Pastor’s Wife 

Please share a way, or give testimony about pastoral encouragement below in the comment section! It would be much appreciated!
10576: A Pastor & The Pastor"s Wife, Framed Sentiment A Pastor & The Pastor’s Wife, Framed Sentiment

By Larry Howland / Parsons Pen

Measures 15.5″ x 12.5″. Light oak finish frame. Neutral mat. A pastor is a faithful friend/Who has his Father’s flock to tend./He cares for us through trying days,/Retrieves the lamb who sometimes strays./He brings us loving words from God,/Of Moses’ feats with Aaron’s rod,/Of Daniel in the lion’s den,/Of godly women and their men./From parables the Master taught/To understanding what Paul thought./He speaks to us of God’s dear Son,/Of unity, so we’ll be one./When sick or sad he’s always there/To comfort, guide and offer prayer./He’s tender, caring, meek and kind;/The Spirit’s in his heart and mind. And She’s like a fresh and lovely rose/That angels planted, then God chose./He gave her soft and gentle ways/To help us through our trying days./She walks with us through pain and loss/And lives the meaning of the cross./She always thinks of others first/And loves us when we’re at our worst./She has such kind and gentle ways/And builds us up with words of praise./Her tears and prayers and long hours spent/Have helped so many to repent./A confidant with whom to share,/A partner when it comes to prayer,/Two blessings in a Christian’s life/Are pastor and his faithful wife.

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  • JTR

    Good advice, and a good reminder to appreciate those who watch out for us!

  • Sometimes we don't appreciate someone until they are out of the picture. A few years ago, I heard that the average stay for a youth pastor was 18 months, and that of a pastor was 4 years. With that kind of a turnover, we need to do all we can to encourage those men whom God has placed into our lives!

    Thanks for your comment!

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