20 Reminders For Pastors Who Work With Potential Missionaries

Pastor Andrew SchankI have been hearing complaints on both sides of the isle in the last several years. I thought I would air out some thoughts I had from a missionary’s point of view. I would sincerely hope that you would read this with carefulness, and take it with the spirit in which it is intended! I implore you to email me any suggestions for this list. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in advance.

Pastors please consider the following:

  1. The phone is usually the only way for missionaries to meet you.
  2. An unreturned phone call is a lack of integrity, especially if you said on your answering machine that you would return their call.
  3. Not every person who calls you is a dead beat not wanting to work a normal job.
  4. Missionaries do not expect a meeting with you, they are simply inquiring about the possibility.
  5. When you say that you will call them back… they believe you.
  6. If they cannot come by, then nicely tell them so. Do not lead them on.
  7. It is desired that you pray about having them come by, rather than just dismiss them over their field of labor, personality, and/or the ability for you to take them on. Give God a chance to work in your heart!
  8. Like every ministry, it is hard to face rejection of any kind. Please be courteous. Don’t hang the phone up on them. (I had that happen to me!)
  9. If you say that you are going to take them on for monthly support, then take them on.
  10. Even $20.00 a month can make the difference in someone getting to the mission field.
  11. Take care of them when they come by. Put them in a place that you would want your pastor to stay in.
  12. Fellowship with the missionary. Talk to him… he is a preacher too.
  13. Don’t forget the missionary’s wife and children. Do something for them… just acknowledge that they exist!
  14. It takes more than 5 minutes to effectively share your life’s burden… however, missionaries will take what they are given and are truly grateful. (The right kind does!)
  15. Missionaries should not be treated as window dressing. By that I mean they should not just be there to call the meeting a missions meeting. Many times the missionary is a “bell and whistle” for the pastor. This is NOT RIGHT! If it is a missions meeting, then the focus should be on missions, and the missionary should be a strong part of service.
  16. Let the missionary preach and give him liberty. His style may not be yours, but that does not mean he cannot preach.
  17. Rip snorting, hacking, southern style preaching may not be how your missionary can reach someone in another field of labor… whether you believe it or not. He is God’s man, so let him be God’s man.
  18. Be open to his plans of reaching his field, even if it is not how you would do it.
  19. The missionary wants to be a blessing and he dearly loves you and your family.
  20. MOST IMPORTANT: Whether or not you and your church support the missionary financially, please be an Aaron and Hur for them. You have no real idea of what they face on deputation, and in their field unless you have been there. Likewise, they should pray for you and do not really understand your situation either. We should just pray for each other! We are in this thing together! 


Pastor, what do you think about this list? Please share your thoughts!

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