4 Ways To Maintain A Burden For Souls

Occasionally, even the best of, God’s laborers get lax in their burden for seeing souls come to Christ. There are many reasons for this, but it suffices to say that every pastor, evangelist, and missionary should set an example in having a burden for the lost. After all, if the spiritual leadership of a church does not have a profound burden for the lost, then how can one expect the average member of that same congregation to have a burden for souls?

It is imperative that every man of God have a burden for souls. Listed below are four ways, or suggestions as to how God’s men can MAINTAIN this burden and passion for souls!

#1 – Pastors Can Maintain A Burden For Souls Through Prayer

The primary way a pastor can keep his burden for souls is through his prayer life. In fact, a deepening sense of urgency for the lost is a natural by-product of a fruitful prayer life. Abraham is an O.T. example of a man who maintained a burden for souls through his prayer life!

#2 – Pastors Can Maintain A Burden For Souls Through Observation

It is amazing what one can surmise by thoughtful observation. I have been moved to purposeful action by things I have seen while soul-winning. The education you receive by observing the plight of others is invaluable in the ministry. It also humbles you to realize that it is you but by God’s grace.  

#3 – Pastors Can Maintain A Burden For Souls Through Musing Upon The Scripture

Many a time, while reading a verse or passage, I have been stirred for my neighbor’s soul. One cannot haphazardly read through Luke chapter sixteen where it records the story of the rich man and Lazarus. God’s Holy Spirit will use the Scripture to move your soul to action… if you will listen!

#4 – Pastors Can Maintain A Burden For Souls Through “Q” And “A” With Individuals  

More than one time, I have had a deepened sense of souls needing to saved after having conversations with people while on visitation. Sometimes pastors experience a disconnect from men and women in the community by staying in the office. One needs to get out and get busy! This will increase your contact with new people. Conversations that naturally result will fuel your passion for souls to be saved! Guaranteed!


If God’s men do not consistently carry a burden for the souls of men, then tell me… who will! May God help all of us to have an increased brokenness over the future of each soul we meet!

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About Andrew Schank

Andrew Schank is an Independent Baptist Missionary/Pastor who loves to blog about spiritual matters! His main ministry website is http://www.togetherinthegap.com. Andrew is also a contributing author to two other blogs/websites including http://linked2leadership.com and http://www.ifbkjv.com. Pastor Schank's Church website is http://www.greatcommissionbaptist.org
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