Restitution: An Often Overlooked Step To A Clear Conscience!

As a pastor you encounter many situations which require a great deal of wisdom on your part. Godly wisdom, that is! One area in which you need a great deal of understanding is that of conflict resolution. In this arena, restitution is a key player. If one is not willing to make restitution for wrongs committed, then there is no REAL repentance. Also, if there is no desire for restitution, then there remains a guilty conscience on the part of the offender/offended.

This post seeks to give some suggestions as to how to deal conflicts as well as to shed some light on the subject of restitution and its relation to a clear conscience. This material is something I got while in Bible College years ago and I do not know exactly who it came from. It has helped me as a servant of the Lord and I know it will help you too! Feel free to share this post with everyone you know. It does not matter if they are a spiritual leader or not. This is a must read for every follower of Christ.


#1 What Is A Clear Conscience?

Definition – The ability to honestly say that there is no one on this earth that I have ever wronged, offended, or hurt in any way and not gone back and attempted to make it right.

#2 What Are Common Consequences Of Not Forgiving?

  • Physical Destruction – Not forgiving someone and/or having a guilty conscience can lead to physical illness and even suicide!
  • Emotion Depression – Though there are authentic medical conditions requiring drugs to regulate the issue, it is my opinion that many people, far more than will admit, simply need to get right and make things right. If they did, then their emotional stress would probably end or be extremely minimized!
  • Mental Dungeon – Unforgiveness leads to bitterness.. which can put you into a jail cell to which you have the only key to exit. Most will not make use of the key!
  • Spiritual Defeat -

#3 What Are Some Signs People, Often Exhibit, Who Have An Unclear Conscience?

  • Nervousness
  • No Power in their Witnessing for Jesus Christ
  • Judgmental Attitudes
  • Unable to Concentrate
  • Small Circle of Friends
  • Lack of Joy
  • Depression… Fatigue
  • Self Condemnation
  • Fears
  • Active at Church but Neglects Other Things
  • Always Defensive

#4 What Are Common Excuses Satan Promotes To Those Who Have An Unclear Conscience?

  • “It happened a long time ago!”
  • “They moved away!”
  • “It was so small!”
  • “I’m too sensitive!”
  • “After all… nobody’s perfect!”
  • “It Involves money!”
  • “They won’t understand!”
  • “I’ll do it later!”

#5 What Are Some Steps To Solving Conflicts And Making Restitution?

I. Solving Conflicts:

  1. List those with whom you have a conflict.
  2. List your offenses: “How Have I Hurt Them?”
  3. List their offenses: “How Have I Been Hurt?”

II. Guideline:

  1. Scope of your confession should be as large, but only as large as the scope of your transgression.
  2. Avoid shameful details.

III. How Should I Do It?

  1. Go to the one offended.
  2. Clear Wording: “I was wrong in (NAME OFFENSE). I am sorry. Will you forgive me?”


I hope this post will help you deal with conflicts in your life. It is better to deal with something than to let it worsen over time. May God use this material to help you make restitution and have a CLEAR CONSCIENCE!

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