Encouragement For Pastors Working Public Jobs

Pastor Andrew SchankA vast majority of pastors work public jobs as they lead their congregations. Many men of God used to work, but now are able to be free from the public sector and are fully devoted to their ministries. Whether you are gainfully employed in a public job, or not, it is important to view this issue the right way.

ATTENTION: To all pastors employed on main street… there is encouragement for you even though you cannot spend all your time on church street!

Take courage dear man of God and think about the following suggestions. May they serve to encourage you to keep on the firing line!

Encouragement For Pastors Working Public Jobs

#1 – More Than Likely, You Will Not Always Work A Public Job.

Years ago, when I pastored a church in North Carolina near where I grew up, a preacher friend said something that really encouraged me. He stated that I would not always have to work a public job and pastor a church at the same time. Furthermore, he made it clear that I should enjoy that job because one day I will wish I had it back. He was referencing the fact that a job can be a stress reliever. The point is, dear man of God, enjoy your job… while you have it.

#2 – Remember That You Public Job Is A Ministry In And Of Itself.

Often overlooked and under appreciated is the fact that a public job is a great ministry for a pastor to have. Not only is it a ministry, but you get paid to do it! While faithfully performing your duties at work, you will encounter people that normally would never give you the time of day. People who would normally never take time to get to know you will open up and be a friend.

Pastor, please do not discount the fact that you have the PRIVILEGE to have a working ministry in the public sector!

It is through these working relationships that many people are saved, and even called to preach. I know of several men in our area who worked a job with a preacher and received Christ as their Lord and Savior. Not only, did they get saved, but they have been in the ministry for many years now. Pastor, please do not discount the fact that you have the PRIVILEGE to have a working ministry in the public sector!

#3 – Working A Public Job Does Not Mean You Are Second Class.

Anyone who attends national meetings, where big named preachers speak on the subjects of church growth and ministry, often leave more discouraged than when they arrived. For some reason the keynote speakers, usually full time pastors, forget where many of them came from. Though all did not have to work a job alongside their pastoral duties, several did. If you are not careful with your thoughts, then you will leave these meetings feeling like you are second class for working a public job.

Pastoring IS full time whether you work a public job or not.

Pastor, do not think that you are beneath full time pastors for one moment! God knows right where you are at, and has not forgotten about you. Think about it… pastoring IS full time whether you work a public job or not. If the truth be known, then you are probably making more of an eternal impact than many of the pulpiteers who grace the national conference circuits.

#4 – God Will Make Up The Difference.

The major point of contention for me in this issue is the element of productivity. I have always felt that I never had enough time for my family, work and church ministry. Though I felt this way, God always made up for where I lacked. If we are faithful doing what we CAN do, then God will be faithful to do what we CANNOT do! Pastor, just keep your eyes on the prize!


Pastor, Please Convey Something That You Helps You Keep Going In The Pastorate While Working A Public Job!

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