Pastor, Are You Ready For Christmas?

Pastor Andrew SchankCountless times over the last several weeks, a question has been posed to me. It goes something like this… “Pastor, Are YOU Ready For Christmas?” Of course, I answer in the affirmative and I usually assume that the person is speaking about having gifts purchased and ready to distribute. As I ponder this, all too common, question at this time of year, I am now absolutely sure that there is more to it than what most of us want to admit to.


We usually gauge our readiness for Christmas upon what we witnessed from our families growing up. Remembering how Momma and Daddy did things and how Grandma and Grandpa prepared for the grandest day of the year is usually how be judge our success.

One fond memory I have as a child is all of the baking and cooking which took place prior to Christmas Day. Long days and late nights in the kitchen would produce an aroma that would not easily be dismissed. It was only when you committed the sin of gluttony that you were deemed satisfied.

Again, many of us would answer the question, “Are YOU ready for Christmas?” in light of our family traditions and our allegiance to them. For example, if Momma baked mounds of cookies (as mine did), or if she over spent her checkbook buying presents for everybody (as mine sometimes did), then we might feel obliged to ascertain our readiness in view of her example.


All families grapple with trends they are confronted with each and every day. With the Hollywood stars and starlets being popular trend setters and with this age of instant gratification being propagated from cable TV and such the like, it is no wonder that families are in the shape they are in. This is especially true around Christmas time.

There is not a year that goes by that some new toy, shoe, or video game does not makes the news. It is not because of its “NEWNESS” that makes it the focal point of a Breaking News bit on the 6:00he 6:00
English: King James Version (1611) - KJV

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o’clock news show. No, it is because of some person, or persons, who got all wrapped up in the new trend of having to own the new toy, shoe, or video game. See, they were arrested for spraying pepper spray at someone who broke into the line at the check out in front of them! Or it might be that the whole shelf of those new shoes were sold out in 30 seconds, but not without mowing down the man who opened the store at 3:00 AM

Some people would not deem themselves ready for Christmas if they have not purchased that cutting edge piece of technology, the new video game or that NEW “thing – ma – jig” that is in style. The fact is that many people only think they are “READY” for Christmas, what ever “READY” means, when they have made their unique, but not so unique, purchase.


We have to remember that our family traditions may or may not REALLY prepare our hearts for Christmas. We also have to understand that just because modern day trends seem to be the thing to do or be a part of does not mean that they prepare our hearts for Christmas.

Being “READY” for Christmas is not about traditions or trends… it is all about Christ! When I was a boy, people were using “X”mas instead of “Christ”mas. There was so much uproar about this and then there was not much said anymore. The truth is that people are going to refer to and be ready for Christmas in some way or another EVERY year.

To be ready for Christmas means that you know Jesus Christ personally through repentance and faith in Christ’s sacrifice for your sins when He died, was buried and rose again for you. It means that you understand that God gave the greatest gift  the world has ever known… His SON! (He named His SONJESUS! What a name for it means SAVIOUR! “Saviour from what?” you ask. Sin!)

(Matthew 1:21Matthew 1:21
English: King James Version (1611) - KJV

21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. JESUS: that is, Saviour, Heb  

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) “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.”  (KJV)

Every gift we purchase or make, and give to someone else, is to represent that we are thankful for who God gave to us and we want to give as well! Are YOU ready for Christmas?

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