Tips For Pastors Who Have Children

It is very difficult to grow up in any home under any set of circumstances, but especially in a preacher’s home. These children live in a “glass house”, are often the victim of people expressing their misgivings of their father, to the extent of rudeness, in front of them, and they simply are held to an unreasonable standard. Not one of these young people ever asked to be brought up in a minister’s home. While being raised in a pastor’s home or on a mission field someplace can be rather difficult, they were chosen of God to do so. What should be viewed as an honor, is often overshadowed by the selfishly, sinful acts of others.

The following tips are primarily for pastors who have children in their home. Application can be made to other situations too.

Ten Practical Tips For Pastors Who Have Children

#1 – Convey your sacrificial love as often as you can… especially by spending quality time with them!

#2 – Be the best example you can be in every facet of the Christian life!

#3 – Admit when you are wrong or have blown it!

#4 – Hold your children to clear and realistic Biblical expectations and standards!

#5 – Be even keeled and not bi-polar!

#6 – Be real… not one way at church and another way at home!

#7 – Be open to their cries, concerns, and complaints!

#8 – Maintain an open door policy about EVERYTHING!

#9 – Do not alienate them when they sin! You can love and support them while not condoning their behavior.

#10 – Though you love and respect all the children in the congregation, you make sure your children know that you love them more!


Preachers, regardless of their particular calling, have a lot of added responsibility that other children of God do not have nor understand completely. Raising a godly generation of young people is a tall order and does not happen by accident. Preachers should do their best to balance their family and ministry. Simply put, pastors better not neglect their family!

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