Pastor, Are You Praising God?

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It is easy to praise God when things are going well. Most pastors know this all too well. It is when the trials come that we should praise God the most, but we usually complain and sulk instead. Whether on the top of a huge mountain precipice or by the side of a lowly creek on a deep canyon floor, you can praise God!

(Psalms 22:3Psalms 22:3
English: King James Version (1611) - KJV

3 But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.  

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) “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.”  (KJV)

It Is A Learning Process 

In those early days after I was saved, I began to hear other saints of God speak about praising God for this and that. Mostly, the comments were made in the men’s prayer room. Boy, that room shaped my early years! Those men knew how to pray and call on God! Sends chills up my spine just thinking about it! At any rate, this made a huge impression on me as a young convert.

I just celebrated my 19th spiritual birthday last month in February. In these 19 years I have learned how to do some bad things, but also some good things. One of which is how to praise God! I do not pass all the tests and trials that come my way, but more and more I am able to see new things about praising God that I have not seen before in my life. Each time this happens to me, I see how my spiritual life seems to grow.

It Is An Experiential Issue, Not An Intellectual Admittance 

It is one thing to know something in your head, but quite another to experience it first hand. Most Christians grasp the concept of praising God mentally, but few experience it’s power and warmth. I knew, for many years, what praise was about, but never really enjoyed it. Thank the Lord for His tenderness in teaching me how blissful it can be!

That sounds weird coming from a preacher, but it is true. Let me explain… A few years ago, God allowed me to enter into my prayer time and begin to praise God through my trials! Since that season in my life I have been able to better understand what is means for God to inhabit the praise of His children. Again, it is one thing to know something mentally, but totally different when you experience it!

Beware Of The Counterfeit

In these years since I have been saved, I have not only begun to learn about praising God in the correct way, but I have also seen some heretical drama go on in public worship services. Yes, I feel when the Holy Ghost is leading someone to shout “Amen”, “Glory” or some other word of praise that they should be obedient. However, I also believe that some of this is mere emotion. My preacher says that an empty wagon makes the most noise! I say, “AMEN!”

Praising God should not be confined to the interior of a church building. If that is the only place we praise God, then we have missed something. Most of my praising experiences come from my prayer time. Worshipful prayer produces and is inseparable from praising God! Oh, how sweet it can be in the darkest hours of your life.


It suffices to say that every pastor and spiritual leader should further their personal worship time with praise. Adoring God and thanking Him for specifics in your life and ministry will take a sour morning and make it a splendid experience. Maybe what your ministry is missing is not more talent, money and some new program. It might be that you, individually, need to spend more time before the throne of grace praising God for who He is!


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