Pastors: The Under-Appreciated

Many times, pastors are under-appreciated in the churches they pastor. Of course, this is not the case in every church, but it IS the case in most. Pastors are not looking for an easy road, nor are they seeking “pats on the back”. They simply would like the respect and appreciation from their congregations as the individual members would like if they were holding the office of pastor. Needing to feel appreciated is not an unreasonable request of anyone; including pastors.

“Pastors Make Great Whipping Posts” – says a disgruntled church member

Pastors do understand that they are the “whipping post” people use for many reasons. It may be that a person or persons in the congregation are living in open sin and rebellion against God. As a result, the pastor is ridiculed for preaching against their particular vice or sin. In other cases, the animosity is more subtle. It may be that the pastor is begrudged for not meeting certain expectations. Regardless of the scenario, and there are way too many to describe here, pastors are just not appreciated very well. Instead of being thankful for a Bible preaching pastor, many are content to criticize EVERYTHING!

Praise God For Faithful, Pastor-Loving Church Members!

In spite of the under-appreciation pastors face, I am glad to report that many faithful, God-fearing followers of Christ DO, IN FACT, appreciate their man of God. It seems that this group is dwindling each year, but they do exist! No matter how many people, in any given congregation, try to help the pastor perform his obligations and to encourage him along the way, the pastor knows that his ONE supreme issue is PLEASING God alone. It really does not matter what people think, but it does encourage a pastor to know he is appreciated for doing right!

A Poem Says It All!

The following poem is from Pastor James Ruckman of Glory Bound Baptist Church of Hoven, South Dakota. In his words,

“I wrote this April 12, 2011 after speaking with five separate pastors, in a one week period, who were dealing with situations either within their families or churches that were very discouraging.  God’s man and his family are subjects of the relentless attacks of Satan who is seeking to wear out the saints of the most High.”

“There is a man that God calls “The Pastor”,
He stands in the gap for my family and friends;
He preaches the Word to saints and to sinners,
He stands for the truth and refuses to bend.
He is hated by some, despised, and rejected,
As He preaches the unbending Truth of God’s Word,
He is loved by His Father, in the beloved he’s accepted;
And he’ll be rewarded by his Savior and Lord.

So preach on my dear fellow pastor; keep laboring,
Our Lord’s coming soon, of this I am sure.
He’s promised a crown to those who’ve been faithful;
So preach on my dear fellow pastor, preach on.”

- Pastor James Ruckman


As a pastor, we should seek to help our fellow pastor friends as much as we can. Praying with them, laboring alongside, and passing along an encouraging word can mean everything. As a church member, we should seek to help our pastor in every way possible. There will ALWAYS be someone in the congregation that does not appreciate the pastoral leadership they encounter. We should, however, do what we can to make our pastor FEELappreciated. It sure goes a long way to insure that relationships remain strong and sweet fellowship can be maintained!

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