Why Some Pastors Are Out Of The Ministry

Occasionally, I will meet somebody who used to be a pastor, evangelist or missionary. The key phrase is, “USED TO BE”! Recognizing the fact that anybody who serves God can end up OUT of God’s will and ministry, we should take great care not to end up a casualty. We should do our best not to forsake the path and quit on God. After all, Jesus did not quit when carrying His cross!

The following 9 points(*) are from veteran missionary Robert Smith. He has worked in the country of Brazil for over 29 years with Macedonia World Baptist Missions. These thoughts are from a lesson he uses when teaching on the subject, “Why Missionaries Quit”. Whether you are a missionary or not, you can apply Dr. Smith’s thoughts to your situation! I hope this post will not only help missionaries, but many pastors and evangelists!

  1. BURN OUT* – over extending yourself to the point of exhaustion and spiritual emptiness. RPM = Recklessly Pursuing Ministries
  2. BLOW OUT* – one major incident or experience that causes you to leave the field. Ex. robbery, death, assault, terrorism, etc.
  3. STRESSED OUT* – drained emotionally through pressure points; competing with other missionaries (pastors, evangelists).
  4. FLAME OUT* – out of ideas; out of lessons; out of messages…
  5. SHOCKED OUT* – letting differences affect you: culture shock; missionary shock…
  6. SCARED OUT* – fear accompanied by little or no faith. Don’t be afraid of fear, but there is a problem when you have fear with no faith.
  7. FAKED OUT* – leaving, thinking it was the will of God.
  8. THROWN OUT* – leaving the country by being kicked out by the government.
  9. PULLED OUT* – being brought out of the country at the request of your pastor or by the mission board. (immorality, immodesty, etc.)

Though good, solid and qualified men have started out well, many do not finish well. May each of us who claim God’s calling endeavor to be like the Apostle Paul… “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:”. Please share this post with your preacher friends!

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