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Pastor Andrew SchankIf you are like me, then you appalled by the blatant, militant, and reactionary rhetoric espoused by evolutionists in defense of their supposed theory on the subject of the origin of life. It bothers me that people will openly say that Creationists and folks that believe in Intelligent Design are stupid and ignorant. I knew things were bad, but it was not until today that I saw just how awful things have become.

Recently I acquired a DVD that I had heard about some months ago. Like most people, you have every intention of getting it and watching, but you fail to make the purchase. Well, I just finished watching it and I was blown away. The video I am speaking about is Expelled… No Intelligence Allowed by Ben Stein. I do not recommend videos often, but I feel that this one has some solid, up-to-date information that makes a great resource for Pastors and church leadership concerning the Intelligent Design/Darwinist debate.

I have read Romans chapter one many times in my life as a Christian. The part which speaks about people who did not want to retain God in their knowledge has baffled me. I often think to myself, “How can someone not want to believe in God as Creator?” Some of the people Ben Stein interviewed in this DVD will absolutely leave you speechless. My friend… you will be flabbergasted by the vehement and defiant attitude towards people who DO believe in God and that DO believe He is THE Creator!

From one pastor to another… from one Christian to another… please spend a few dollars and purchase this DVD. Watch It! Listen to how people express their thinking about this issue. It will better prepare you for witnessing for Christ and sharing what the Bible says about Creation!

You will find a link below that you can click through in order to secure your copy of Ben Stein’s DVD entitled Expelled… No Intelligence Allowed!

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004922: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, DVD Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, DVD

By Starring Ben Stein / Wesscott Marketing

Ben Stein may not look like a typical school rebel—but when he learned that educators and scientists were being ridiculed, denied tenure, and even fired for the “crime” of discussing evidence of “design” in nature, he’d had enough! Join him as he travels the world, questioning academia’s doctrine of random evolution and championing intellectual freedom! Also includes pocket size book of quotes. Rated PG. Approx. 95 minutes.Bonus Features:

  • Inside Expelled – Interview with Ben & Lee Strobel
  • A Special Message from Ben Stein
  • Using Intelligent Design for Medical Research
  • Bonus Music Tracks by Andy Hunter
  • Expelled Super Trailer
  • Widescreen
  • Closed captioned

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