13 Reminders For Missionaries Calling Pastors

Pastor Andrew SchankGod has allowed me to pastor for several years before getting into church planting. In those fields of labor I have heard many complaints about missionaries from the pastor’s point of view. I thought I would air some so missionaries can be reminded of them in days to come. If anyone has any suggestions, then please let me know of them. Please take this with the spirit in which it is intended!

Missionaries, please consider the following:

  1. Most pastors are bi-vocational job and cannot be reached until the evening hours.
  2. Full time pastors, especially in larger congregations, get bombarded each week and get weary of the calls from missionaries. Right or wrong, this is what happens.
  3. Due to the hectic schedules pastors keep, they have to call back many times, so be patient with them.
  4. Though there are dead beat pastors, not every one is a jerk that doesn’t love missions and missionaries.
  5. By nature pastors are skeptical, so do not take it the wrong way if they ask you to send an info packet. After all, they ARE the under-shepherds of their flock.
  6. Pastors carry the load of the service and try to follow the leadership of the Holy Ghost. In view of this, be thankful for the time you are allotted and STAY WITHIN YOUR LIMIT.
  7. All they know about you, as a missionary, is what few minutes they spend with you… REMEMBER that.
  8. You do not know what they know about what you see in the worship service. Be sure to trust God for your support, not what you see in service.
  9. Give your heart, not your presentation. Nothing kills a service more than a methodical missionary going through his routine. Put your heart into it! IT SHOWS!
  10. Pastors cannot financially support everyone that comes along, but they will do what they can to help you while you are with them. They will do their best to pray for you as God brings you to remembrance.
  11. You may tend to get tunnel vision on deputation focusing on support only. Deputation is a ministry and you will be a blessing! Pastors are looking at the big picture. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!
  12. It goes a long ways with pastors when the missionary’s attitude is exceptional. No matter what you are going through, be positive!
  13. Some pastors are so busy and do not have time to talk with other preachers, so be a good listener. You never know what it means to a pastor when the missionary has a good word from the Lord!
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  • BT

    Great post! There is some good advice in there from top to bottom.

  • Thanks BT for the thumbs up! I appreciate your thoughtfulness in taking time to leave a comment. Feel free to share this post with your friends.

    The thing about sharing advice is that we need to take our own. Sometimes it is easier for me to take someone else's. lol

    If you have any suggestions for future post topics, then email me [email protected]ap.com

    Again, thanks for the encouragement.

    Bro. Andrew

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