3 Dangers To Avoid In Ministry

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The Bible warns us of dangers along life’s way. Its pages are filled with examples, both good and bad, of people who embarked along the road of life and faced temptation. Pastors have to be extra careful in their personal lives so as to practice what they preach and to lead by example. This post will help pastors deal with three specific categorical dangers in ministry.

I would like to begin with a video sharing the origin of my thoughts for this post. My pastor, Dr. Bobby Roberson  (Facebook Fan Page) of Gospel Light Baptist Church of Walkertown, North Carolina was at a meeting many years ago with Dr. Bill Rice Sr. Brother Rice shared the 3 dangers listed below in a meeting he had with pastors. Evidently, it made a profound impact upon my pastor and I hope it will make an impact on you as well! 


Danger #1 – Money And Finances

As the Scriptures state, “for the love of money is the root of all evil…” Preachers and pastors are not immune to this precept. If anybody should be above reproach, then it should be men of God. Satan’s choice instrument in betraying our Lord Jesus was a man named Judas. This disciple’s weakness was money! He shipwrecked because of this temptation, among others, and died as an unregenerate. Just as Dr. Charles Keen stated, in a meeting in which I as in attendance some months back, we must be honorable in settling our debts. Pastors beware of this destructive issue!

Danger #2 – The Opposite Sex

I suppose more men of God have fallen for a woman more than any other issue. Though I do not have the statistics to back it up, it does seem to be a plague today. Not only are adulterous affairs causing problems, but pornography is a growing epidemic as well. Many men have shipwrecked their lives because of a woman. Sampson, King David, and Solomon are just a few Biblical examples of this. May more men choose the pathway of integrity that Joseph followed in his younger years! Pastor, guard yourself!

Danger #3 – Doctrine

Since before the New Testament era began, false doctrine has plagued God’s people. Satan has a long track record of casting doubt, modifying what God said, and corrupting His words. One does not have to look very far away to find false doctrine. In fact, many, once great fundamental churches, have been gutted by cancerous doctrine. Men of God have to beware of this seductive issue. Stick with God’s Word… no matter what!


In the concluding remarks, which Dr. Bill Rice gave in that meeting years ago, a stately observation was given. He made it clear that if you examined the life of pastors and spiritual leaders who had shipwrecked, then you would usually find it due to one of these three dangers in ministry. I think he hit  the nail on the head. May God help each of us, who preach the gospel, to be careful to avoid these sandbars along life’s seas.

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