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I was reading a tremendous book the other day, written by the late Keith E. Knauss (1928-1998), entitled, Heartbeats Of The Holy. This book was given to me several weeks ago, while at a meeting in Union, South Carolina, by Evangelist Joe Bryant. As I was devouring it’s contents, I stumbled across a thought that I wanted to pass along. Brother Knauss wrote about being a voice or an echo. Needless to say, I wanted to run and fall under a rock to hide myself!!!

The Charge…

The portion under consideration is found in chapter ten of the book. While speaking about John the Baptist’s effectiveness as God’s man, Brother Knauss states the following…

“ANY HILL CAN MAKE AN ECHO. ‘I am the voice of ONE,’ said John. Can you say that, preacher? Or must you, in all fidelity to truth say, ‘I am an echo.’ If a man is but an echo he is common-place, for echos multiply. But if he be a voice – men will stop, listen, and marvel.”

WOW! Brother Knauss states it very well, doesn’t he?

The Chiming…

“The woods are full of ‘em” says the men of yesteryear. Yes, there are numerous echos across our land today. They simply regurgitate what they have heard someone else say. That is all well and good for those who heard it first hand. They digested the Word from Heaven! Praise the Lord! However, they should rightly divide a fresh portion for their sheep, and not vomit up what they have previously eaten! The content may be the same, but it is fresh from Heaven. Every day but the Sabbath, the manna fell. Leftovers stank and were no good. Such can be said for echos!

The Challenge…

Pastor, let us decide, right now, that we will be HIS VOICE and not an empty echo! Far too many times we mount the pulpit and, if the truth be told, we are full of self. We are empty vessels chiming against one another. If we truly had the water of life to pass out, then there would be a different ring. The tone would be so heavy that our hearers would know God’s Spirit is near. As John of old, let us be a VOICEto our family, our congregation, and our community.

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