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Sad to say, many of God’s men are guilty of the sin of jealousy. Jealous pastors cause many problems, not only for themselves, but for their congregations. What are the common causes? What is the cure for this cancerous blot on the character of these men? How can a member, of an affected congregation, help their jealous pastor? We will seek to answer these questions in this post.

What Are Some Common Causes For Jealousy Among Pastors?

Below are some issues that pastor trip up in. Not all are like this so please do not stereotype them. Pastors are like anyone else… capable of sinning.

  1. Another pastor preaches better.
  2. More compliments are given to another preacher.
  3. Previous pastor gets more accolades.
  4. Neighboring church is growing faster.
  5. Another pastor gets paid more salary.
  6. Another pastor has larger congregation.
  7. Another church has more offerings consistently.
  8. Another pastor is better skilled at counseling.
  9. Another pastor has a better benefit package.
  10. Another church has more talent (music,teaching, etc.)

What Is The Cure For Jealous Pastors?

  1. Acknowledge this jealousy as sin.
  2. Repent of this sin.
  3. Have a loved one hold him accountable with his speech, actions, and temperament in this area.
  4. To again look to Jesus for everything and stop coveting what he does not have. 
  5. Keep their eyes off of themselves, and get them back on Jesus Christ, and the fields of labor!

What Can A Church Member Do To Help A Jealous Pastor?

  1. PRAY… before doing anything!!!
  2. Pray again!!!
  3. When you have finished praying a second time… pray again!!!
  4. Once you are prayed up and feel led of the Lord, in a loving way, try to bring up the subject. Whatever you do, do not make things any worse than what they are. You are not the pastor, so do not act like one. Just share your concern and leave it at that!
  5. No matter the result of the conversation, pray again!
  6. Trust the Lord to work things out! Let God work in His heart!


Yes, pastors mess up and commit the wicked sin of jealousy. It is prevalent in our day. Usually, God’s men do not see it as it can be very subtle. No matter how bad it is, jealousy will corrupt preaching. In view of this truth, all of us should pray for the pastors whom God has placed into our lives. Above all, we who are pastors should be extremely careful that we do not infect ourselves with jealousy!

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  • Some pastors can become jealous of their own associate ministers as well.  I know of one pastor who will only allow certain associates to preach in order to protect his position.

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