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Years ago, while pastor of a little church in rural North Dakota, I met a pastor friend in Bismarck that shared a great ministry idea with me. I had never given thought to the idea of sending a form letter to those who were bereaved in our community. Of course, we prayed for those we knew personally, but never had I thought about trying to reach out to those not personally connected to the church.

Watch The Following 3 Minute Video To Learn More About This Ministry Idea!

Video Highlights…

  1. Ascertain contact info about recent bereavements from the newspaper/personal connections in the community.
  2. Create a form letter designed to encourage the family. It should include: (1) All Church Contact Information, (2) Appropriate Gospel Presentation (Situational Appropriate), (3) Tract Of Comfort, (4) Message That Makes It Clear That Your Church Is Thinking About Them, and (5) An Offer To Help.
  3. Have a senior saint to take this on as a ministry.
  4. Have ministry leader to give a weekly report on what is going on.

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2460291: Object Lessons Object Lessons

By Charles Ryrie / Moody Publishers

What good is a broken fingernail? what can you do with a frying pan, a hammer, and an egg? How is a balloon different from a brick? The world around us is full of items useful for interesting and meaningful object lessons. Dr. Ryrie uses pencils, light bulbs, sunglasses, and even the air around us to illustrate truths about salvation and the Christian life. All of the objects are simple and easy to find, and the lessons can be used for any group of any age. Children and adults alike will enjoy learning more when you present these fascinating illustrations.

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