8 Principles For Pastoral Leadership

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There is a famine in our land today, among God’s people, of solid leadership. Sure, you can fill a position in a local assembly, but have you really gotten yourselves a godly leader? Every child of God needs to be a godly leader, and they need one too! As we consider this subject, contemplate the following 8 principles of  leadership.
8 Principles Of Leadership

#1 – Leadership Involves Qualification

I Timothy 3:1-15 is just one of many passages that deal with qualification for leadership. In the context of these verses, specifically, Paul is speaking about qualification for pastors/spiritual leadership/deacons and their immediate family. Many in the United States, culturally speaking, are far removed from the historical background of this passage and its implications. To even be considered in the running for such an office meant that you were putting yourself in harm’s way! Martyrdom certainly not excluded. Out of the relatively few willing… of that group, the standard was set high. Much like the Levites and Priests of the Old Testament, God’s men, though not perfect, had to meet certain standards. NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN THAT REGARD! What’s more, not only should someone be qualified, but they must be proven!

#2 – Leadership Involves Obedience To God

In the truest sense of the term, leadership implicates someone to be obedient to the leader. If someone is a spiritual leader, then they themselves must adhere to God’s Word themselves. How can they point others the way, if they are on the wrong path? Furthermore, when studying Biblical leaders, you will find that their short comings and sins were paid for and it hurt their leadership capabilities. The “Bathsheba Episode” in King David’s life hindered him greatly. Had he been obedient to the Lord in his morals, who knows, maybe things would have turned out better?

#3 – Leadership Involves Discernment

Much like being in a juror’s box, discernment is critical. Effective leadership hinges upon being able to know your limitations as well as being able to size up other people. No spiritual leader can discern effectively without being filled with the Holy Ghost! He leads into all truth!

#4 – Leadership Involves Temperance

Self control is vital to having an even keel in leading others. Though winds blow and waves rise high, pastors and other men of God, must exercise self control in their leadership. Many a pastor has lost his ministry in a fit of unbridled behavior. King Saul, of the Old Testament, is a prime example of someone who had no temperance.

#5 – Leadership Involves Communication

Much like the communication in the home, if a leader is to point the way, then they must convey the “what”, “where”, “when”, “why”, and especially the “how”! This principle is one of the first to go before trouble ensues. Show me a serious church problem, and I will point out lack of clear communication. By definition, communication not only involves the proclamation, but the acceptance of the proclamation. People may not agree with what has been communicated, but they have to KNOW what has been heralded.

#6 – Leadership Involves Example

A lady once said, “I would rather see a sermon in shoes than hear one any day!” How true this is for most! Leadership without example is like being a mother and not caring for her children. Example is the fine tuning of the message from the pulpit and lectern. As one is encouraged to rise high to the occasions of life, so must the leader be the example of that very admonishment.

#7 – Leadership Involves Motivation

The ability to communicate, evaluate, and illustrate is one thing, but to motivate is quite another behemoth. This is one of the most discouraging issues pastors face! Week after week, we invite people to the table. They are fed, and warmed, but few get up from the table and wash the dishes! Furthermore, fewer are inclined to get off of the front porch and labor in the field. Most would rather sit at the table, and relax on the porch than to allow a drop of sweat fall from their brow! In spite of this issue, an effective leader will motivate!

#8 – Leadership Involves Adjustment

Like the archer of the woods, every spiritual leader must allow for windage. Things often change in the midst of any endeavor that you are leading people in. Being able to think on your feet is very important. Seeing the bigger picture helps to guide the way! Mired down in the muck and mire of circumstances often silences the leader’s voice. Being able to take a moment, stepping back, looking for the bigger picture helps everyone!


These 8 principles are just a few of the important things that an effective spiritual leader will be constantly working on. Every seasoned pastor will echo this sentiment. May every pastor, missionary, evangelist, and child of God seek to acquire these principles as well as to help their spiritual leaders do the same!

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