How Pastors Can Build Better Sermon Outlines Tip #4

Most every preacher, especially pastors, use a sermon outline when standing before people to preach. Many, including myself, try to produce better outlines by the methods used to prepare them. One way to help you in the long term is to build your outlines on the computer. There are many software programs that lend themselves to this. Microsoft Word is one of the most popular.

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Tip #4 – Be Sure To Build Your Sermon Outlines On The Computer… If At All Possible!

Highlights Of The Video

  • Putting your outlines on the computer insures that you can actually READ your outline at a later date!
  • Putting your outlines on the computer creates an inventory from which you can pull from when building websites, blogs and other written material.
  • Putting your outlines on a computer makes for faster retrieval and better filing. 

In future posts, in this video series, we will share some tips that could help you build better outlines. By no means are we saying or implying that if you do not do things our way that you are wrong and we are right. These are simply helpful suggestions that have benefited my ministry!

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10573: Preaching & Preachers Preaching & Preachers

By Martyn Lloyd-Jones / Zondervan

A classic from one of the most dynamic preachers of this century! Originally delivered as a series of lectures, Lloyd-Jones’s essays capture the essence of powerful preaching. His insights on the shape and preparation of the sermon, the preacher’s relationship to the congregation, and more will give you much to ponder as you write your next sermon.

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