17 Facets To A Principled Pastor

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Life with no principles is like a road with no lines or signs. Without precepts to guide us along, we will end up in a wreck or ditch in no time at all. Deep down inside, we know we need regulation to help us, but we rarely admit this. For a pastor,or any spiritual leader, principles are especially needed. We must lead by example!

Listed below are 17 nuggets of old fashioned wisdom I found years ago while digesting a book entitled Road To Revival by Vance Havner. These quotes come from page seven of the book. (No copyright was given)

17 Facets To A Principled Pastor:

#1 – Remember that labor is one of the conditions of our existence.

#2 – Time is gold; throw not one minute away, but place each one to account. 

#3 – Do unto all men as you would be done by.

#4 – Never bid another to do what you can do yourself.

#5 – Never covet what is not your own.

#6 – Never think any matter so trifling as not to deserve notice.

#7 – Never give out that which does not first come in.

#8 – Never spend but produce.

#9 – Let the greatest order regulate the transactions of your life.

#10 – Labor, then, to the last moment of your existence.”

#11 – Keep good company or none.

#12 – Never be idle.

#13 – If your hands cannot be usefully employed, attend to the cultivation of your mind.

#14 – Always speak the truth.

#15 – Make few promises.

#16 – Live up to your engagements.

#17 – Keep your own secrets if you have any.


As you can surmise, we must be sure to acquaint ourselves with this list from time to time! If every pastor and church member practiced only a fraction of this list, then we would have revival!


29056: Why Revival Tarries Why Revival Tarries

By Leonard Ravenhill / Bethany House

Leonard Ravenhill’s call to revival is as timely now as it was when first published over forty years ago. The message is fearless and often radical as he expounds on the disparity between the New Testament church and the church today. This book contains the heart of his message, A.W. Tozer called Ravenhill “a man sent from God” who “appeared at (a) critical moment in history,” just as the Old Testament prophets did. Included are questions for group and individual study.

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