A Pastoral Thanksgiving Acrostic

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Anticipating Thanksgiving Day 2010, I was pondering the character traits, and personal responsibilities of pastoral leadership. It is good to meditate upon this from time to time; especially if you want to grow as a spiritual leader. While in the midst of this deep thought process, I was also pondering the need of being thankful for sound pastoral leadership. The utmost care must be taken when doing something like this… lol! You never know what you might get when entering the “ACROSTIC ZONE“!

Listed below is an acrostic of sorts. Taking the phrase “Happy Thanksgiving“, I made a reminder, of what a pastor should be, using this common holiday greeting. I hope it encourages you!

A Pastor Must Be…

Holy in character
Applied in study
Penitent in nature
Prepared to pursue godly endeavors
Yielded in every facet

Humble before God and others
Able bodied for service
Nurturing all in their sphere of influence
Kind to everyone, including enemies
Serving from the heart
Grateful to be able to serve God
Interceding as a prayer warrior
Vigilant in the performance of every duty
Inviting or hospitable in nature
Non – compromising in convictions and beliefs
Gospel centered in focus


Does this acrostic describe you? I hope that it emphasizes some of your character traits and work ethic! 

Share your Happy Thanksgiving acrostic!!!


504397: The Plight of Man and the Power of God The Plight of Man and the Power of God

By Martyn Lloyd-Jones / Christian Heritage

Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ preaching always had an emphasis on the desperate plight of man and the power of God to save. His preaching was crystal clear on the sovereignty of God in the salvation of sinners, a concept that does not sit comfortably in our day of pragmatism, programmes and self-help books. Nevertheless it remains at the core of what the world needs to hear. Based on Romans 1, this wonderful book will help you understand what the gospel is. When we live in a world that is spiralling out of control we will want to hear this message again and again.

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