What The Pastor Is NOT!

Every now and then, it is good to be reminded of what a pastor is and is not. What he should be and what he shouldn’t be must be on his mind DAILY! Satan is seeking whom he may devour. Many of God‘s people invite him to the table and they hop on his plate which is seen in the way they conduct their affairs! This a pastor must not do!  This post lists 20 things a pastor should not be! I hope it proves to be of great value to you!

20 Things A Pastor Is NOT!
  1. A Politician To Pull Wires!
  2. A Clown To Simply Amuse!
  3. A Star To Be Gazed At!
  4. A God To Be Worshiped!
  5. A Giant To Do All The Work!
  6. A Magnet To Attract Undue Attention!
  7. A Mat To Be Walked Upon!
  8. A Bookworm To Plague The People!
  9. A Lord To Command The Flock!
  10. A Grafter To Get The Money!
  11. A Maniac To Rant And Snort!
  12. A Skeptic To Deny The TRUTH!
  13. A Hobbyist To Disgust The Folk!
  14. A Sissy To Sicken The World!
  15. A Pharisee – “Holier Than Thou”!
  16. A Publican – Sinful In Life!
  17. A Drone To Seek The “Easy Chair”!
  18. A Bore – A Second-Winded Specie!
  19. A Caterer – Adhering To the Whims Of The Crowd!
  20. A Traitor To Compromise With Error!

The list above was taken from a Booklet entitled, “Riches In Romans” by Rev. Earl Jackson Edwards (Page 78)

482518: Spiritual Discipleship: Principles of Following Christ for Every Believer Spiritual Discipleship: Principles of Following Christ for Every Believer
By J. Oswald Sanders / Moody Publishers

As J. Oswald Sanders points out, true discipleship is more than intellectual assent to a belief in Christ—it involves the whole person and lifestyle.
Those with only a superficial belief will soon fall away from the faith, but Sanders says a true disciple would rather be presented with a difficult challenge than a soft option. Disciples are charged with the task of training themselves to be godly, because it is their responsibility to remain spiritually fit. Ever-fresh topics in this time-tested volume include:

  • the disciple’s second chance
  • the disciple’s ambition
  • the disciple’s senior partner
  • the disciple’s olympics
  • the disciple’s right
  • the disciple’s maturity

In addition, a “For Reflection” guide is included, making this book ideal for both individual and group study.

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