Why Do Young Pastors And Preachers Feel The Need To Pontificate

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Just about every preacher, if they are totally honest, will have to admit that they have pontificated a little in their time. If you have been around a while in the ministry, then you will KNOW exactly what I am speaking about. I am not sure if it is entirely regurgitation of what they have heard from their heroes or if it is just trying to climb some sort of spiritual ladder, but young pastors and preachers tend to pontificate, at times, when standing before a congregation of believers. Again, we all have done it and hopefully most of us know better now!

(WARNING: What you are about to read is written in a very candid manner! Just know that what is written is meant to help not hurt!)

Wanting To Be Popular?

It is a very common tendency to want to be popular as a YOUNG preacher. The youthfulness comes out, even in the best of young pulpiteers. This popularity issue is about as fragrant as a septic tank, but many of God’s people cover their noses and let the young men continue on. Wise is the elder man of God who will gently reprove without regard of what others may say.

Though truly called of God, these aspiring young men, are not mature and fully developed in character. With time, most of these type of preachers will see the error of their youthful ways, but not until they have a huge fall. Would it not be better to hedge in these youngsters before they make a fool of themselves and bring reproach upon our Lord? 

Mistaking Arrogance For Zeal And Passion?

It is my personal opinion that many of God’s people, including young pastors and preachers, do not understand what good preaching is in the first place. For example, it is very prevalent for church members to confuse the style of preaching with what is considered good preaching according to the Bible. Furthermore, many people mistake arrogance for zeal and passion. There IS a fine line between them.

A young man may be greatly influenced by an older pastor whose style of preaching is very dynamic and boisterous. Thinking that this way, or style, of preaching is where God’s power is at, the young man attempts to imitate. Not fully understanding that the aforementioned man of God has a tremendous prayer life, established character and integrity, and is mature in his discretion, the inexperienced preacher pontificates his message in an arrogant fashion. What’s worse, God’s people mistake his arrogance for extraordinary zeal and passion. If this charade is not hemmed in, it perpetuates and many other younger preachers are ill affected by it.

Poor Training?

Every person will have to give an account of themselves before God, but blame should also fall upon the leadership which presides over these young men of God. There is nothing wrong with ambition, zeal, and passion, but if not directed properly, it can spread like wild fire. Allowing young preachers to pontificate on “Hobby Horse Issues” is not doing them any good or the people to whom they are directing their message.

It is not being advocated here that we should throw a wet towel upon vibrant young preachers and pastors. We all know that we need more of them! What is being suggested, is that we, who are responsible for their training, keep a close, accountable eye upon them and disciple them. Allowing them to fail, in some ways, can be helpful and experience is a good teacher. We should allow them room to preach as they feel the Spirit of God leads. Remember though, if they are unteachable, then you will know what kind of character they have and that they not fit for the ministry! However, if they are teachable, then, well, you have a diamond in the rough!


I am tired of hearing young men, who have never fought for anything but another glass of milk, pontificate on a non-essential Bible issue (issues that are important, but not things to die over) that they think needs preached about. Before the experienced opinion should be expressed from these young men on the aforementioned categorical subjects, let us see how they handle the objective words of the Holy Writ! On things that are black and white, where dogmatism isn’t needed because the Scripture is plain and speaks for itself.

There is absolutely no need to think that pontificating on various subjects helps a young preacher prove himself. All he does prove, by doing this, is to show that he has nothing else better to preach on. Needless to say, it reveals his shallowness. As the aged saint of old, the Apostle Paul once said, “PREACH THE WORD”… not PONTIFICATE THE WORD!

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