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Church planting is needed everywhere! Though much prejudice exists about men reaching the Western United States from their home churches in the East, the Rasnake family has answered God’s call to the the city of Madera, California. I have met David on several occasions and feel that he is worthy of your consideration.

David and his wife, Amber, have one son named Nathan. They are from Stockbridge, Georgia and are sent out of Liberty Baptist Church where Brother Matthew Grimes is the fine pastor. (Learn more about this family by reading this post. Much of the material is taken from their ministry website.)

Statistics About California

The Case For California!!!

  • Fact #1 = 27,800,000 people in California are barely being reached with the gospel or have no gospel preaching church.
  • Fact #2 = 373 Cities in California are being reached by just 279 churches.
  • Fact #3 = Those 279 churches are responsible for reaching 27,846,396 people.
  • Fact #4 = If these 279 churches worked together they are individually responsible for 99,808 people.

Conclusion: We must plant more churches, reach more people, grow more sold out Saints of God, to send out more Servants of the Lord.

The Slip of Christianity in America

In a very lose meaning of Christianity, the United States has 33.1% of the worlds professing Christians. The United States also has 21.8% of the worlds Muslim population. We need to live for our living Lord and Savior, because the Muslims are sold out to a dead god and a hopeless religion. (Stats from the ARDA) Posted Aug. 11, 2010 – on David’s Website

Their Testimony

God has called my wife and I to go and plant churches in California. When I was five years old I was listening to a tape where one of the characters was being led to the Lord. I asked my mother what was happening, and she took her Bible and began to explain that I was a sinner. She showed me from God’s Word how I deserved to go to Hell but that God had a plan for saving mankind from sin. My mother told me that I must accept that gift of salvation and ask God to forgive me of my sins. I asked Christ to come into my heart and save me that day.

I was blessed to grow up in a home that kept Christ center in my life. One summer God spoke to me during summer camp and I surrendered my life to God. In June of 1999 I was given the opportunity to see missions first hand in Saltillo, Mexico. After returning from this trip God greatly burdened me for missions work. In the summer of 2004 I was at a week long conference that was full of great speakers with totally different messages, but God used every message to show me the great need for churches in America. As the conference came to an end I knew that God was calling me to do my part in reclaiming America for Christ. Ever since then God has continued to magnify the need of Churches in the west and particularly in the state of California.

In David’s Own Words

“Hello my name is David Rasnake and I am a church planting missionary to the state of California. Some may ask why America and why California. Today America is said to be the third largest mission field in the world. I would dare say it has been a forsaken mission field as well. Almost 200 million people in America no longer attend church of any kind. In the state of California more than 75% of the people do not attend any church. While I was visiting California it quickly became clear, the lack of Biblical churches. The western United States of America has been starved of the gospel and we must reach them. Please visit my website and I would love to hear from you through e-mail or telephone. We are praying that the Lord will have us in California in 2011. If we can do anything or you would be interested in more information please contact me. Thank you.”

Ministry Video


Why Madera?

The city of Madera is located in the center of the state of California. It has a population of 57,000 people and no church actively reaching these people with the truths of God’s Word. This city is located about 25 minutes from the much larger city of Fresno. There is great growth potential in Madera in terms of population but even greater spiritually. Being able to start a good Independent Fundamental Baptist church that shares the love of Christ and reaches souls with the truth of salvation can truly change this city. It is our goal and burden to 1) Raise up the needed support to get there. 2) Lead people to Christ and help develop and teach them more about God’s Word. 3) Start a Biblical church that is self-supporting and thriving. 4) Start and/or help start more churches throughout the central valley of California.

Contact Information

Church Planting In California
David, Amber, & Nathan Rasnake
1466 Old Conyers Rd.
Stockbridge, GA 30281
(404) 451-2602
Email: [email protected]

Important Links

Ministry Website:

Sending Church:

Liberty Baptist Church
1410 Valley Hill Rd.
Stockbridge, GA 30281
(770) 474-1247
Pastor Matthew Grimes
Pastor Emeritus Dr. Glenn Anderson

Church Website:

Mission Board:

Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc.
P.O. Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517
(706) 654-2818


Doctrinal Statement

Testimony And Recommendations


On behalf of this fine missionary family, I ask that you pray for them and their ministry. It would mean a lot to The Working Pastorif you would call or email them. Try to encourage this family in some way. Let them know that you learned about their ministry from this website!


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