Do Pastors Still Mourn Over Sin

There are numerous issues in the ministry which a pastor will face that will cause mourning. Being that each of us are unique, the scope, and severity of those things will affect us differently. In view of this, how many pastors really grieve and mourn over sin?

Though sin is irritating, can disrupt a pastor’s plans, and will bring division to a church, pastors should mourn over sin for more than what happens to them and how they are personally affected. Rather, the pastor should take this and let it fuel his passion of God. He should ask himself the question, “How does God feel about this?”

Personal sinfulness should concern the pastor. He should not think that he will escape the consequences of his actions. Sins left unchecked in his life can lead to worse sins and worse actions. Sooner or later, his sins will deepen and cause damage to his public ministry.

The sins of others, public or private often are known by the pastor. Usually, they are more of an aggravation, but this should not be what causes a pastor to mourn. The pastor should be shedding tears of remorse over the fact that people have sinned against God and they are hurting themselves and those around them.

The Old Testament prophet named Daniel is a classic example of one who mourned over his sins and the sins of others. We find that is was during a time of mourning, fasting and prayer that God blessed Daniel in a mighty way. In fact, we are rewarded today because of the fruit of his prayer meeting with God that day. This episode is found in Daniel chapter nine. The keystone in the archway of prophesy was revealed to Daniel as a result of his diligent Bible study and brokenness over the sins of Israel.

It certainly stands to reason that if more people, especially pastors, were to mourn over sin as exhibited by Daniel, then God would see fit to bless us more than we are experiencing now! It should also be noted that as we mourn we should repent. Pastors should herald God’s Word, but should also heed its message! Mourning precedes repentance, but repentance does not always precipitate from mourning. Until sin is exceeding sinful once again, we are doomed to repeat our vile acts against God.


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